Men’s External Honours

2021City of Dundee TriplesT. Smith, D. Mayes, S. Roy
2019Angus Top 5G. Milne, A.Lowe, F.Black, D.Mayes, T.Smith, M. Lowe, S. Roy
2019City of Dundee TriplesT. Smith, A. Lowe, D. Mayes
2019Carnoustie Open SinglesA. Lowe
2018Thomson Trophy
2018Barclay CupT.Smith, F.Black, M.McConnach, J.Cownie
2016Angus Top 5A.Lowe, M.Lowe, A.Sturrock, G.Milne, T.Smith, J.Cownie
2016City of Dundee PairsJ. Freil, G.Douglas
2016City of Dundee Senior TriplesR.Chapman, D.Mitchell,
2016Bowls Scotland Men's 4sM.Lowe, T.Smith, P.Lowe, A.Sturrock
2015Barclay CupT.Smith, M.McConnach, D.Mill, A.Sturrock
2015City of Dundee SinglesG.Milne
2014Carnoustie Open SinglesA.Sturrock
2013Angus SinglesA.Lowe
2013Bowls Scotland District FoursM.Lowe, T.Smith, P.Lowe, A.Sturrock
2013Angus Senior Fours
2013City of Dundee Singles J.S.Wilson
2009Dundee W.B.A Killacky Pairs
2009Dundee W.B.A Guthrie Fours
2009Angus B.A. Henderson TrophyD.Mayes, R.Russell, M.Lowe, A.Lowe, R.Wynd, J.Sharp, P.R.Brodie
2008Barnhill Invitation TriplesA.Sturrock, C.Sturrock, J.
2007Outdoor Under 25's Internationalist D.McGill
2007Broughty Castle invitation 4sB.Hogan, J.Wilson, T.Smith, G.Douglas
2006Angus Under 25's SinglesD.McGill
2005Winners of Allan Memorial Trophy
2004Angus Senior Pairs D.Howe & P.R. Brodie
2003Forfar Open Singles P.Lowe
2003Angus Pairs R.Nicoll & P.Lowe
2003Angus Singles A.Sturrock
2003District Champions - Scottish Pairs
2003District Champions - Scottish Fours
2003Dundee Indoor Three Fours Trophy
2002City of Dundee Senior Triples
2000Scottish Play Offs Triples
1999Newgate Invitation
1999Angus Pairs
1999City of Dundee Singles P.Lowe
1997Scottish Play Offs Senior Fours
1997Kirriemuir Invitation
1997Craigie Invitation
1996Angus Triples
1996Scottish Play Offs Fours
1995City of Dundee Triples
1994Angus Triples
1991Angus League Champions
1991Scottish Play Offs
1990Angus District senior Fours
1990Scottish Play Offs
1990Angus Singles
1990Angus Senior Fours
1989Hunter Cup
1989Angus Pairs
1989Scottish Play Offs
1989City of Dundee Singles A.Sturrock
1989City of Dundee Fours
1988City of Dundee Thomson Charity
1987City of Dundee Singles J.Howe
1987Killacky Pairs
1985Angus Fours
1985Ferguson singles
1984Angus Top 10
1983Howe Memorial
1983Angus & Perthshire District Singles
1983Scottish Semi Finalist
1983City of Dundee U35
1982Howe Memorial
1982Angus League Champions
1982Dryborough Pairs District
1982Broughty Castle invitation 4s
1981Angus Pairs
1981Ferguson singles
1981Howe Memorial
1981Miller Triples Trophy
1980Miller Triples Trophy
1978Ferguson Singles
1978Angus Pairs
1978Angus&Perthshire District Senior Fours
1978Scottish Semi Finalist
1977Indoor League Triples
1976Angus Senior Fours
1976Indoor Internationalist W.Howe
1975Angus Senior Fours
1975Howe Memorial
1975Indoor Club League
1975Indoor Internationalist W.Howe
1974Kirriemuir Open Singles
1972Angus Fours
1972Barclay Cup
1971Ferguson Singles
1969Forfar Open Singles
1967Henderson Trophy
1967Angus Fours
1967Killacky Pairs
1963Ferguson Singles
1961Hunter Cup
1955Guthrie Cup
1948Guthrie Cup
1946Barclay Cup
1944Guthrie Cup
1940Hunter Cup
1937Guthrie Cup
1931Three Counties
1931Forfarshire Pairs
1911Barclay Cup