Men’s Two Bowl

The mens 2 bowl championship is a singles competition contested by 2 players each playing with 2 bowls.  The winner is the first to reach 17 shots.

2011 J. S.Wilson
2010R. L. Nicoll
2009P. LoweR.Wynd
2008 J. S. Wilson
2007 J. S. Wilson
2006P. R. Brodie
2005B. Hogan
2004P. R. Brodie
2003D. HoweP.Lowe
2002 J. S. Wilson
2001A. Sturrock
2000G. Douglas
1999W. Howe
1998A. Sturrock
1997B. Hogan
1996J. Coull
1995B. Hogan
1994G. Rattray
1993B. Hogan
1992 J. S. Wilson
1991G. Rattray
1990W. Howe
1989P. Lowe
1988A. Sturrock
1987M. Turner
1986A. Sturrock
1985A. Sturrock
1984B. Hogan
1983J. Fairweather
1982A. Reid
1981J. Howe
1980J. Fairweather
1979A. Sturrock
1978J. Neill
1977W. Howe
1976D. Howe
1975J. Howe
1974G. U. Rattray
1973J. Neill
1972J. Howe
1971I. Howe
1970W. Howe
1969W. Howe
1968T. Nicoll
1967L. Low
1966J. H. Smart
1965J. Vallis
1964C. Robertson
1963A. W. Hendry
1962J. H. Smart
1961W. A. Hillian
1960J. Morrison
1959G. E. Harrison
1958W. S. Roberts