Nominated Pairs

This is a pairs competition where competitors chose their respective partners at the start of the season.   It is contested over 17 ends.

2019A.Lowe, M.RoyM.McConnach, R.Slater
2018F.Hutcheon, D.HutcheonT.Smith, G.Douglas
2017G.Davie, D.RitchieD.Mayes, K.Anderson
2016T.Smith, G.DouglasA.Lowe, P.Lowe
2015F,Black, R,RussellT.Smith, G.Douglas
2014S.Harvey, M.McConnachA.Sturrock, B.Dorward
2013F.Black, R.RussellD.Mayes, S.Roy
2012F.Black, G.Douglas
2011G.Davie, D. McIntosh
2010G.Davie, D. McIntosh
2009M.Lowe, E. BrowJ.S.Wilson, J.Lorimer
2008F.Black, D. McGill
2007F.Black, D. McGill
2006F.Black, D. McGill
2005A.Sturrock, G.Lumsden
2004J. Fairweather, R. McMillan
2003 J. Fairweather, R. McMillan
2002 J. Lorimer, J.S. Wilson
2001A.Sturrock, G.Lumsden
2000A.Sturrock, G.Lumsden
1999A.Sturrock, G.Lumsden
1998B. Hogan, G. Douglas
1997J. Fairweather, A.Ried
1996J.Howe, W. Howe
1995A.Brankin, O. Gray
1994B. Hogan, D. Howe
1993J.Howe, W. Howe
1992A. Irvine, R. Scott
1991A. Sturrock, G. Lumsden