Rinks Trophy The Stewart Cup

“The Stewart Cup” as it’s known is a rinks (fours) competition where 4 players consisting of skip, third, second and lead are drawn together at the start of the season.  This competition is historically played during one week in April and is contested over 17 ends.

2022D.Watson, J.Darcy, G. McHugh, I.RedpathT.Smith, R.Harvey, W.Grindle, J.Ewen
2021G.Milne, D.Mill, J.Gilpen, M.RoyD.Watson, P.Lowe, R.Nicoll, R.Strachan
2020No Competition Held
2019T.Smith, G.Ross, M.Long, R.C.MilneG.Davie, J.Sharp, D.Hutcheon, D.Ritchie
2018B.Hogan, G.Douglas, O.Gray, G.DavieM.J.Smith, J.Sharp, G.Wilmott, R.Nicoll
2017G.Douglas, R.Chapman, G.Stuart, G.HillianM.J.Smith, J.Brown, K.Anderson, J.Hall
2016P.Lowe, D.Russell, R,C,Milne, R.Nicoll
2015I.Redpath, R.C.Milne, D.Merilees, W.S.SoutarA.Jones, W.Johnstone, R.Strachan, J.Brown
2014D.Mayes, G.Ross, B.Young, A.Whitton
2012A.Lowe, J.Fairweather, G.Hillian, D.Ritchie
2011W.Shephard, W.J.Howie, C.Blair, A. Torbet
2010R.Russell, D.Watson, A.Torbet, G. Ross
2009F.Black, D.Mitchell I.Redpath, , C. Smart
2008D.Mayes, R.G.Stewart, D.Dewar, , R. Cook
2007A.Jones, D.Howe, A.Graham, W. Grindle
2006D.Mayes, W.Howe, J.Coyle, A. McRae
2005D.Mayes, W.Young, M.Lowe, D. Simpson
2004A.Jones, M.Suttie, J.Coyle, J. Carnegie
2003P.R.Brodie, R.Myers, J.Coyle, R. Cook
2002A.Jones, D.Watson, J.Coyle, W. Harris
2001J.Sharp, D.Howe, J.McGregor, T.D. Millar
2000J.Sharp, R.T.Hopkins, A.Cobban, F.C. Buchanan
1999R.Lawrence, R.Wynd, S.Millar, J. Coyle
1998 P.Lowe, J.W.Wilson, I.M.Wilson, J.R.Robertson
1997A.Brankin,R.L.Nicoll, T.Smith, B. Sampson
1996E.Maddon, J, Fairweather, I.Munro, J. McLeod
1995T.H.Menzies, J.Gauld, I.M.Wilson, W. Harris
1994D.Robertson, J.Gauld, D.Mitchell, A. Jones
1993D.Robertson, J.Anderson, T.Farrell, R. Heron
1992B.Ferrie, D.Mayes, T.D.Millar, R. Gray
1991P.Lowe, R.Scott, Alf Jones, G. Pullar
1990E.Brow,R.Scott, D.W. Souter
1989W.Soutar, R.Lawrence, D.S.Lyall, J. Anderson
1988G.Lumsden, D.Kidd, A.Torbet, A. Doig
1987W. Cox, J. Friel, D.Kidd, A. Anderson
1986B.Hogan, E.Brow, J.Lorimer, W. Souter
1985B.Thomas, J.McLeod, A.Reekie, J. Anderson
1984A.B.Thow, A.Brankin, W.Gimson, D. Robertson
1983W.Cox, A.Brankin, J.Howitt, P. Murphy
1982B.Hogan, J.R.Robertson, W.Payne, R. Shepherd
1981R.McWilliams, D.Gibson, J.Anderson, R. Boyd
1980No Competition
1979W.N.Craig, P.Lowe, E.Brow, W. Gimson
1978R.G.Arthur, D.Wilson, B.Hogan, P. Lowe
1977W.Howe, G.Rattray, J.Jeffrey, C. Cobb
1976D.Howe, G.Bradley, B.Hogan, R. McWilliams
1975W.Howe, W.Souter, H.Simpson, G. Bradley
1974A.Dewar, F.Hawes, J.McLeod, J. Rowan
1973D.Adam, W.Gimson, J.Duguid, J. Glenday
1972R.G.Arthur, J.McLeod, J.Duguid, R. Rowan
1971T.Nicoll, R.Ross, R.Buist, J. Neill
1970J.H.Smart, W.C. Coutts. N. Robertson, J.Neill
1969A.Duguiid, J.Leslie, J.Gilmour, W.B.S McLean
1968A.Howe, D.Matthew, S.Robertson, A. Duguid
1967J.H.Smart, W.Souter, S.Robertson, J. Neill
1966R.Scott, S.Robertson, A.Elder, E.J. Fairweather
1965J.H.Smart, J.D.Lothian, A.Howe, W.S. Robertson
1964J.H.Smart, J.F.Leslie, W.Coutts, W. Gimson
1963J.F.Leslie, J.Vallis, W.A.Hillian, A. Howe
1962J.Vallis, G.Mack, D.Bett, D. Smith
1961A.W.Hendry, J.Vallis, J.McDermitt, D.B. Dakers